PSP HYDRAULIC AWS is formulated with refined paraffinic base oils and it provide excellent anti-wear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression. Designed for use in hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile service where anti-wear properties are required.


All hydraulic pumps designs including vane, gear and axial and radial piston pumps except for pumps containing silver plated components.

All heavy-duty hydraulic applications (mobile and stationary) requiring excellent wear protection.

Plain and anti-friction bearings used in electric motors.

Gear sets requiring non-EP gear oils.

Automated machine tools, presses, die-casting machines, circulating systems and hydraulic control systems.

Features and Benefits

The key benefits of PSP HYDRAULIC AWS include:

Rust and corrosion protection

Good anti-wear performance reducing down time

Resistance to oxidation to extend oil service life

Minimum viscosity change over a wide temperature range.

Anti-foam property to prevent loss of hydraulic power

Good water separation to prevent rust to prolong equipment life

Performance Standards

DIN 51517

DIN 51524 -1

DIN 51524 -2


AFNOR NF E 48-603

ISO 6743/4

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