PSP SAE 10W CF are blended from high quality base oils and a balance of additives to meet API CF/SF requirements. It is formulated specially with ashless dispersants and metallic detergents to provide strong oxidation stability to withstand oil degradation due to engine heat. The metallic detergents are added to clean engine parts for reduced wear.

Features and Benefits

The key benefits of PSP SAE 10W CF include:

Resist oil oxidation under high temperature operation – maximizes service life

Prevent piston ring sticking and keeps piston clean

High detergency and dispersancy protect against oil thickening and high temperature deposits

Excellent wear protection and promotes engines durability

Good antifoam properties ensuring continuous supply of lube oils to the critical engine parts


Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline Engines

Heavy equipment used in mining, construction and quarry

Off-highway diesel earth clearing machinery

On-highway diesel light and heavy trucks and buses

Diesel engine fishing boats, river boats and ferries

Performance Standards


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