PSP SAE 20W-50 CF-4

PSP SAE 20W50 CF-4 are formulated for heavy duty diesel engines and it’s blended from high quality base oils and a specially selected additive package to meet API CF-4/SG requirements. The product is formulated specially with ashless dispersants and metallic detergents to provide strong oxidation stability to withstand oil degradation due to engine heat. The metallic detergents are added to clean engine parts for reduced wear and the high product alkalinity is to neutralize the acidic products formed during combustion.


Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline Engines

Diesel engine fishing boats, river boats and ferries, agriculture tractors

Off-highway diesel earth clearing machinery

On-highway diesel light and heavy duty trucks and buses

Features and Benefits

The variable sulfur level in the diesel fuel requires that the lubricant has adequate alkalinity to combat the corrosive sulfuric acid from the burning of sulfur in the fuel. The high quality base oils ensure that the oil viscosity does not change over the operating cycle of the engine. The key benefits as below:

TBN retention to neutralize the corrosive acids and maintain deposit control

Protection against oil thickening and high temperature deposits

Improve the cleanliness of engines and absence of deposits

Multi-grade grade oils provide additional protection against wear at start-ups and high temperature operating conditions

Power preservation and enhancement

Performance Standards

API CF-4/SG, MB 227.0/227.1, ACEA E1-96

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