PSP Slideway Oil

PSP Slideway Oil is specially formulated with excellent properties of lubrication and protection. It contains a combination of controlled frictional characteristics with high film-strength and excellent load-carrying properties to eliminate ‘stick-slip’. Hence, reducing the power requirements in machine tools, and enhancing the service life of machinery by minimizing both wear and corrosion.


Suitable to use in most machine tool lubrication systems specifying ISO 68 oil

Features and Benefits

The key benefits of PSP Slideway Oil include:

Excellent anti-stick-slip properties

Strong stickiness grades

Very low coefficient of friction

Anti-oil mist properties

Very good foaming resistance

Very good oxidation resistance, protection against rust and anti-wear properties

Good filterability

Performance Standards


AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HM & HL)

DIN 51524 PART 1 & PART 2 (HLP)

S STEEL 126 & 127


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